Chick Fil A Careers – Online Application

Chick Fil A Online Application:

Step 1 – To apply for a position, visit their career page at Note that they have two categories: corporate and restaurant.

Step 2 – Next select a category and then choose from entry level, experienced, internships and other employment opportunities. The level selected should be based on your experience and skills.

Step 3 – Once you have selected a level, click on the ‘View Positions’ button. A new tab will open for the level you have selected.

Step 4 – Next you will see a list of available positions based on the level selected. Select the position you are most interested in.

Step 5 – Once you have selected the position, make sure that you review the details of the position including location, employment type, and department.

Step 6 – Carefully read the overview, responsibilities, minimum qualifications, minimum experience, required educational level and minimum GPA if applying for an internship position.

Step 7 – After reading the requirements, if you think the position is a good match for you, then hit the ‘Submit your profile online’ button.

Step 8 – Here you can create a profile with your LinkedIn account. If you don’t want to do that, then click on the ‘Create with online form’ button.

Step 9 – If you selected not to use your Linkedin account, upload your resume and fill out the information requested like name, password, phone, email, address, city and when complete click on the ‘Submit Profile’ button.

Step 10 – Once you have successfully applied for the position, you will have to wait for the email confirmation that they will send to the email address you provided.

Good luck!

Chick Fil A Career Benefits

If you’ve ever been to Chick Fil A, you know that this company cares about their customers and their employees, and it shows in everything they do. Every CFA employee is always kind and cheerful, and it’s largely due to the company’s great standards of treatment and their employee benefits.

Their benefits packages are designed to give their employees complete peace of mind, as the company takes care of everything from health to investment plans. They have everyday perks like a fitness center and café.

They offer dental, health, vision, short term and long term disability and life insurance to their full time employees. The company also has a 401(K) retirement plan, offering up to 5 percent.

The company offers pension plans, paid vacation and sick leave, education investment plan, fitness center, fitness consultants, on site cafeteria and children care center based on availability.

Note that benefit packages may vary by location and employee eligibility. Also be sure to check out this article to learn more about what you can expect from the interview process.

Chick Fil A Careers

The fast food chain has hundreds of restaurants owned by the primary chain and franchises throughout the country, and are often hiring at each of their locations. They two employment categories: Corporate and Restaurant.

Positions available within those categories include: team member, cashier, team leader, shift manager, kitchen team member, crew member, shift leader, general manager, marketing director, dinner chef, front counter day shift and others.

Their average salary per hour:

Team Member: $8.47 / hour.

Cashier: $8.32 / hour.

Team Leader: $9.86 / hour.

Shift Manager: $11.34 / hour.

Assistant Manager: $12.23 / hour.

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