Burger King Jobs & Careers – Online Application

BK Job Application:

Step 1 – To apply for a job online, you will first have to visit bk.com/careers. Next click on the ‘Search Jobs’ button from this page.

Step 2 – A new tab will open which will allow you to search for a positions. There are three categories: professional, restaurant and campus. Select one of those categories.

Step 3 – Now you see there are subcategories under the category you have selected. Select a subcategory from marketing, operations, IT and others.

Step 4 – After selecting the subcategory, you will see an option to view all of the available roles within the selected category. To use that option you have to click on the ‘See Roles’ button.

Step 5 – A list of available job positions will be shown for the subcategory you have selected. Scroll through the positions available, and once you find a position you are interested in, click on ‘Apply Now’.

Step 6 – Review the details shown on the page. Carefully read the position overview, responsibilities, essential duties and requirements for the job.

Step 7 – If you think the job is suitable for you, then click on the ‘Apply Now’ button.

Step 8 – Read the pre-application disclosures and tick mark the radio button. Then click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 9 – Now click on the ‘Upload a resume’ and upload your resume. Remember to edit your resume and tailor it to the position you are applying for. This means ensuring that you are providing relevant information and past work experience.

Step 10 – Once your upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from them confirming that the application was submitted. The email will also contain further information and instructions.

BK Careers & Benefits

BK holds their employees at a high standard, and because of this they are happy to reward them with great work benefits. They offer health benefits including: healthcare, medical, prescriptions, dental, vision and life insurance.

They also offer short and long term disability, paid sick leave, vacation, educational assistance, associate discount programs and flexible spending accounts.

The company also offers investment opportunities such as 401(K) savings plans and company investment match.

BK is committed to providing equal opportunities to all of their employees, before and after hiring. They have vowed not to discriminate anyone based on race, gender, age or religion.

Note that the benefits offered may vary on the employee’s employment status, and that most benefits are offered only to full-time employees.

Current Job Openings at BK

The company currently has openings in three categories: campus, professional and restaurant sectors.

The positions available within those categories include: assistant manager, team members, shift managers, shift supervisor, crew member, cashier, assistant store manager, customer service associates, general manager, restaurant manager, kitchen team member, food preparation worker and others.

If you would like to know how old you need to be to work at BK, search for your state’s employment laws as the company adheres to those. In most states, the minimum age to work is 16.

Their average pay per hour:

Assistant Manager: $9.95 / hour.

Shift Manager: $9.37 / hour.

General Manager: $12.15 / hour.

Restaurant Manager: $8.26 / hour.

Kitchen Team Member: $8.33 / hour.

Cashier: $8.36 / hour.

Team Member: $8.20 / hour.

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