Chick Fil A Cashier

Chick Fil A Cashier Job Description and Overview:

A cashier job is an entry level position which basically entails performing customer support and handling the cash register. The primary responsibilities of a Chick Fil A Cashier include operating cash registers and preparing the drink orders.

The cashier directly reports to the team leader on duty. They must follow the instructions of the team leader with a sense of priority and urgency.

Cashiers also perform cash checkout, take orders from people, ensure effectiveness and order completion, and communicate with kitchen employees about special orders or customer requests.

Their responsibilities also include: taking orders, and then making sure the customer receives the right order at the right time.

Depending on the location, a cashier may also need to prepare food, take phone calls, or answer general customer questions.

Chick Fil A strives to have the best team or kind and caring individuals. They want to hire very energetic, friendly, personable and attentive workers, especially for the cashier positions.

The company will train new employees, but basic computation skills may prove to be helpful during the hiring process.

Salary & benefits of working as a Cashier:

A Cashier’s earning is just above the minimum wage because it’s an entry level position. The average pay for a cashier is typically $8 to $9 per hour. The hourly rate may increase over the time based upon your experience and skills. It can increase up to $10 to $12 per hour.

CFA offers many benefits, like dental, health, vision, short term and long term disability and life insurance,  which are all paid for by the company. They also have 401(K) retirement plans for participating employees, up to 5 percent.

In addition, CFA has pension plans, paid vacation and sick leave, education investment plan, fitness center, fitness consultants, on site cafeteria and children care center based on availability.

Interview Process for a Cashier Position:

To begin the application process, you will have to fill out an application form or apply online. Then you will get a call from them within a few days, if they want to offer you an interview. If you receive a call for an interview, you will have to meet with them and answer a few questions.

They will ask you some general questions like:

•Do you have any relevan work experience?

•What do you know about Chick Fil A

•Why did you choose  to apply for this position?

•Are you comfortable with standing for long hours?

If they like your answers and think you are a good fit for the position, you may receive a job offer.

A Cashier’s Experience:

Cashier jobs are simple, especially at Chick Fil A, where you will be surrounded by a team of kind associates. Your day-to-day activities as a cashier do not vary much. The restaurant manager will tell you where you’re going to serve for the day, and then you will set yourself in that department and perform task you are assigned. Most of the time, this will mean handling a cash register and taking orders.

The best performing cashiers possess the following qualities: the ability to multi-task, operational excellence, ability to create emotional connections with customers, uphold CFA policies & quality, maintain a healthy relationship with back house people, engage guests in conversation when they enter the restaurant, assists with customer’s need, solve problem quickly and suggest their delicious food.

Don’t let this list intimidate you. Chick Fil A will train you, and you will learn how to handle all of those tasks within just a few days.

Cashiers are an important part of the CFA team, and restaurant operators consider their cashiers more than just employees.

One of the most attractive features of Chick Fil A positions is that the company trains every employee, so prior experience is not necessarily required. This also means that they will give you the tools needed to succeed.

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