Chick Fil A Job Interview

Chick Fil A Interview:

Do you have an interview with Chick Fil A coming up? CFA received hundreds of interviews, so their interview process is rigorous. In order to get the job, you will have to stand out from all of the other candidates who are applying for the same position.

CFA looks to hire to hire cheerful, passionate, energetic, intelligent and hardworking persons who will offer excellent customer care.

In order to find the right candidate, they employ a  unique interview processes. As a franchise operated company, the individual franchise owners control the recruitment and evaluation of the candidate. The process may vary by location.

The company has various different types of interview set ups, including group, phone, panel, or private interviews. The interview questions cover everything from your hobbies to relevant work experience, including solving customer issues.

If you have an interview with CFA, you should practice some general questions and plan out your answers before the day of the interview. You should also to some basic research about their restaurant, to ensure that you are knowledgeable about their company.


To prepare for the interview, you should do some research on the company, and learn their history, how many restaurants they have, and especially learn about their culture.

Chick Fil A has a very unique culture and way of handling situations, so you should be sure to understand that and prove that you would be able to fulfill the expectations that they have of their employees.

You should also prepare yourself for the interview by practicing some basic interview questions.

In addition, you should also think of a few questions to ask the interviewer. At some point during the interview they will ask if you have questions, and it looks best if you have a few questions prepared. You could ask about their advancement opportunities, company structure, salary & benefits and about their expectations of the position.

Interview for Entry Level Jobs:

For cashier & team member jobs, applicants usually face one or two face to face interviews with the restaurant manager or operator. The interview normally takes place at their restaurant.

A team member or cashier candidate usually faces the questions like: ‘Describe yourself’, ‘Why do you want to work with us?’, ‘Give us an example of excellent customer service’, ‘How would your friends will describe you?’. They will follow up based on your answers, so be prepared to defend or support your answers. They may also ask about your availability, experience and ability to work in a fast paced restaurant.

Interview for Managerial Candidates:

For a managerial position you may face up to three interview sessions. Managerial candidates typically need to have past experience and proven ability to lead teams. They will inquire about your capability of managing customers and associates. You may face some questions like: ‘What makes you a good leader?’, ‘What are your strengths?’, ‘Why should we hire you?’

A few sample questions and answers go as follows:

Why do you want to work with Chick Fil A?

I want to work here because customer satisfaction is your first priority, and I believe in putting customers first. I would be a great fit for the position because I will always prioritize the customer, and ensure that they are more than satisfied with their experience. I also want to work here because I’m looking for long-term career and build my leadership skills through proper customer service.

Where do you see yourself in next five years?

In the next five years, I see myself with a steady job as a restaurant manager. The reason I applied here is because Chick Fil A offers advancement opportunities for professional growth. I heard that about 65 percent of restaurant operators come from the restaurant team.

What are the main qualities needed to be successful here?

First of all you must have customer serving skills to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Other necessary qualities include: the ability to multi-task, operational excellence, the ability to create emotional connections with customers, uphold policies & quality, maintain a healthy relationship with back house people, engage guests in conversation when they enter the restaurant, assist with customer needs, and the ability to solve problems quickly.

Chick Fil A offers their employees amazing growth opportunities, and this is why most people stay with the company for a long time, some even until the end up purchasing their own franchise! If you work hard and meet their standards, you are more than likely to move up within the company!

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