Kroger Pharmacy Jobs

Kroger Pharmacy Job Description and Overview:

Kroger pharmacy assistants work in the pharmaceutical division of Kroger Supermarkets. Pharmacy positions include pharmacy technician, pharmacy clerk and pharmacy manager. As the name may imply, they assist pharmacists and serve the pharmacy customers.

Pharmacy assistants take prescriptions from customers and file the prescriptions for pharmacists. To be a successful pharmacy assistant, you must be prepared to face different types of situations and customers. You also need to be familiar with the medical assistance program.

If you work at a Kroger Pharmacy, your supervisor will give you a chart detailing your day to day duties. Sometimes you have to manage the pharmacy stock, other times you will have to serve the customers directly of refer them to the pharmacist.

When hiring pharmacy assistants, the company looks for individuals who are passionate about helping others, especially customers.

They want associates who work hard to achieve their goals. Their first priority is focusing on customer’s need and satisfaction. You have to demonstrate the company’s values of honesty, integrity, respect, inclusion, diversity & safety for others.

Salary & benefits of working as a Clinical Associate:

Kroger offers competitive hourly & yearly salaries to their pharmacy associates. Pharmacy job positions may start with $10 to $14 per hour. The hourly rate depends on the employment status and the experience you have within the industry. They have both part time & full time job opportunities for pharmacy associates.

The yearly salary of  a pharmacy associate may range from $25,000 to $40,000. It will increase based on your experience and quality of your work. If you have Pharmacy Technician Certification, then you will be paid moe than those who don’t.

They offer retirement benefits, medical plans, discounts on their products and special perks which will make their employees feel that they are all valued.

Kroger offers many ways to improve your health, for example by giving discounts at certain gyms, offering fitness tracking devices or even providing their associates with coaching programs. The company offers many great perks, like insurance, vacation time which is compensated, and discounts on car insurance. They also offer scholarships and tuition assistance.

Interview Process for a Clinical Job:

If you want to apply for a clinical job, you will first have to fill out their application form or apply online. Then, if they are interested in your application, you will get a call from them within a few days. It will then be up to you to face the interview and win the job.

They will ask you some general questions like:

•do you have any experience?

•what do you know about Kroger?

•why did you apply for the job?

•where are you working currently?

Then they will ask some questions based on your position. If they are satisfied with your answers and your passion for the job, you may receive a job offer.

A Pharmacy Associate’s Experience:

There are some common responsibilities for pharmacy associates which are as follows: assist in the pharmacy department, prepare prescriptions, maintain day to day business with consistency, answer customers calls, perform computer data entry, obtain health information.

You will also have to gather medication instructions for prescriptions, assist maintaining the pharmacy department records, and assist customers in locating counter medications.

You must have the ability to value confidentiality of patient’s data, organize & prioritize the tasks, proper communication with customers, operating cash register & computer.

The duties and responsibilities may vary depending upon the job position.

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