Chick Fil A Shift Manager

Chick Fil A Shift Manager Job Description and Overview:

A shift manager is the person in charge of the operation of an entire restaurant while on duty.

Shift manager’s excellent management and organizational skills are required in the decision making because he or she is responsible for administrating more than fifteen employees at a time, depending on the size of the restaurant.

They regulate day to day operation of a restaurant. Their duty and responsibility may vary by location. Overall they do labor management, administrative and customer care duties. They also need to make sure that all the associates are maintaining the food safety standards correctly.

Their administrative duty will be maintaining inventory, starting marketing strategies, preparing payroll and look after the sales. Labor management responsibility will be making work schedule, interviewing applicants, motivate the associates.

To make sure the customer satisfaction they must monitor customer care and solve customer’s issues. They may also interact and take personal care of customer.

They also need to do some minor duties like paperwork before the shift ends, recording and counting the inventory, close the cash drawers and making bank deposits.

Salary & benefits of working as a Shift Manager:

A shift manager’s average pay is typically $10 to $12 per hour. The hourly rate may increase over the time based upon their experience and skills. It can increase up to $14 to $15 per hour.

Their yearly earning could be $20,000 to $30,000. Earning will increase with experience and performance. An experienced shift manager can earn over $40,000 per year.

In addition to their base pay, they also get dental, health, vision, short term and long term disability and life insurance for staff member which is paid by company. Also they will get 401(K) retirement plan for participating employees up to 5 percent.

Chick Fil A also offering pension plan, paid vacation and sick leave, education investment plan, fitness center, fitness consultants, on site cafeteria and children care center based on availability.

Interview Process for a Shift Manager:

Fill out their application form or apply through online. Then you will get a call from them within a few days, if they want to hire you. Face the interview and win the job.

They will ask you some general questions like do you have any experience, what do you know about Chick Fil A, why did you choose it?

They will also ask a lot of situational questions like how will you solve and how will you react on a certain situation, how will you manage the associates and motivate them. If they are satisfied with your answers and your personality then you will get the job.

A Shift Manager’s Experience:

It’s a pretty nice company and every associate will cooperate with you. Every day you have to fill out the duty sheet with the name to the employees for your shift. Then you have to look after the customer service, associates work and when you close your shift you have to close the cash drawers.

You need to have the following qualities to perform well: must have the ability of multi-tasking, operational excellence for all day, create an emotional connection with customers, uphold their policies & quality, maintain a healthy relationship with your associates.

Operators consider their shift managers more than just employees. Because of shift manager operates the restaurant. Be sure to also check out how you can apply for a shift manager position here:

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