Chick Fil A Team Member

Chick Fil A Entry Level Position Job Description and Overview:

A Chick Fil A team members execute food preparation duties and perform customer service. Prep/cooking duties include cooking food (chicken nuggets, French fries etc), helping with breakfast, and making food items like sandwiches and wraps.

Customer service duties include receiving orders, saying “hello” to customers and using the cash register to take payment and return change. Their duties also include taking deliveries, as well as cleaning and keeping the store tidy.

If you work a career at Chick Fil A, you can expect to work busy days. The restaurant manager will tell you where you’re going to serve each day, and then you will set yourself in that department for the task you are assigned.

Every employee in the restaurant is very friendly, so you can expect that no matter what department or task you are assigned, you will be working with a pleasant team.

A team member position at Chick Fil A is not only a job, but also an opportunity to gain life experience serving products in a friendly environment restaurant.

Working for CFA is a great opportunity for anyone, especially those beginning their careers because they don’t require any experience, and the company will ensure that you are properly trained to perform your job duties.

Salary & benefits of working as a Team Member:

A team member’s earning are just above the minimum wage. The average pay for a team member is typically $8 to $9 per hour. The hourly rate may increase over the time based upon your experience and skills. It can increase up to $10 to $12 per hour.

CFA great benefit packages which will bring you a firm foundation and peace in mind. They have everyday perks like fitness center and cafés which will brighten your day.

They also offer other benefits including dental, health, vision, short term and long term disability and life insurance for staff member which is paid by the company. They also have retirement plans for participating employees, up to 5 percent. CFA will take care of you so that you can take care of company.

CFA also offers a pension plan, paid vacation and sick leave, education investment plans, fitness centers, fitness consultants, on site cafeterias and children care centers. Their restaurants are closed on Sunday,  so you will have a free day to rest and spend time with your loved ones.

Team Member’s Experience:

Once you are hired as a Chick Fil A employee, your manager will arrange a work schedule which will be suited to your needs and preferences. Aside from your schedule arrangements, you will also have every Sunday off.

If you are in college or plan on attending college, you may receive scholarships because CFA believes everyone deserves education facilities. They offer $1,000 Leadership Scholarships to qualified employees. They also offer an added $1,000 scholarship to a limited number of team members who are selected by their panel each year.

As an employee, you will also receive developmental training. Associates who are interested in moving up and becoming a store manager can get valuable experience through this developmental training program.

Along with a comprehensive pay, you will also get to work in a friendly environment where you will learn a lot.

You will also notice that the company considers every person who works at the restaurant to be important, because the work that they do is essential to the restaurant’s success.

The company’s success rate proves that team members enjoy working at their restaurant.

One of the most attractive aspects of the team member position is that the company will train you to be able to perform all of the duties that you will have to perform. so they do not require any previous experience. Thus, this is the perfect entry level job.

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