How to make payment of E-Childs Pay

E-Childs Pay is managed by the State and the Xerox Service’s Local Solutions Group.

Childcare payers can use to pay their child support requirement money online with their Mastercard, Discover and Visa card for payments to the local child support payment point.

You will be charged a service fee to make your child support payment online. This rate is independent of the obligation of childcare you are paying.

The fees will be charged as a part of the transaction from the payment you made. No part of that charge is sent to the state group as portion of your payment.

You can do the following through their online portal:

  • You can make your payment for child support through your debit or credit card by internet or interactive tone of voice response.
  • You can associate your child support case information with your online profile.
  • Maintain your monthly payment information.
  • View or access your transaction history.

If you’re having trouble logging into your account, you’re not alone. It can be tricky, like the ezcard credit card login. Here are the steps to take:Now we will see the step by step process on how to make the payment:

Step 1 – To make the payment online, first of all visit their official website. Click on the ‘Start Now’ button from the home page.

Step 2 – On the new page provide your User name and password in the required field. Click on the ‘Log In’ button when the user name and password are submitted.

Step 3 – Now the easy online portal will help you to do the payment via Debit or Credit card, view your transaction history, print or download statement and maintain your monthly payment information.

In case you have forgotten your User name or Password, don’t worry. They have an easy solution for the problem. You can recover your credentials from their website.

Forgot User Name or Password:

Step 1 – Go to the bill pay login page. Now click on the ‘Forgot your user name or password’ link from that page.

Step 2 – Now enter your email address as they ask and click on ‘Find Account’ button.

Step 3 – They will verify your account associate with your email address and send a password recovering mail to you. You can recover the password form that mail.

How to register online account:

Step 1 – Visit the bill pay log in page again. Click on the ‘Create One Here’ link from that page to start the registration process.

Step 2 – Submit all the information like your personal information, email address, zip code, security question, postal address, user name and password, then click on the ‘Create One’ button to complete the registration process.

Step 3 – You will get a confirmation mail from them. They will confirm your account through the email address you provided.

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