American Eagle Credit Card Login – How To

American Eagle is an incredibly popular, publicly traded retail apparel chain across the United States.

Establishing itself in the iconic Pennsylvania city of Pittsburgh.

They boasts approximately 900 retail locations and has become a pervasive name in common fashion.

Many iconic retailers will offer a store specific card to their customers, and the my AE credit card is no different. Unfortunately, not all credit cards are handled the same way.

However, fret not, this article will be laying out the most simple method of handling an AE Visa Card.

Activating the AE Credit Card

Ah, the classic first step of credit cards everywhere – getting them activated. Luckily, American eagle has partnered with Synchrony Bank to make this process incredibly simple.

Activation of the card is best handled by calling the Synchrony Bank dedicated line, listed above. All that needs to be done from there is to follow the instructions of the individual in customer service to finish the activation process.

Card Registration 

The next step in handling the AE credit card online is to register the card to an online account.

Great news! This process is just as simple as the activation of the card. To begin registration, follow the link (located above) to the AE credit login registration page.

This page can also be found by searching

To register an account a small amount of personal information should be at the ready, including the Social Security Number associated with the card and the account number.

The next step in the registration of the AE visa credit cards login is to fill out a form with basic personal info.

After this form has been completed you will be prompted to choose their login credentials for the AE com login.

After completing this process it is good practice to immediately test the visa card login to ensure the process was completed without complication.

After successful registration you will be met with a personalized image that is used as a secure method to ensure only authorized individuals can access the account.

American Eagle Visa Credit Card Login

Down to brass tacks – how to manage AE com payment and services.

Putting that brand new login to use and getting signed in!

If the password or username has been forgotten, there is a simple process for recovery.

As long as the information provided upon registration is at the ready recovering an account should only take a few moments to complete.

If it is the username that has been forgotten, then following the link highlighted in the image above is the best method of recovery.

After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a page requesting some of the information that was originally provided upon registration.

Specifically the credit card Account Number and last four digits of the associated Social Security Number will be needed to recover the AE credit card sign in username.

If it is the password that has been forgotten the process is very similar.

Follow the link regarding “reset password.” This will redirect the user to a form requesting some information to verify the reset.

Once the form has been properly completed you will receive and email from AE that will provide a link to reset the account’s password.

After following the hyperlink provided you will be prompted to input a new password. Once this process has been completed it is important to make a note that the AE sign in has been updated.

Once logged in to the account there is a variety of services that can be completed from the comfort of your own home (could be any home, really), or even on the move.

Arguably the most useful of part of the American Eagle card login will be the online payment service.

This is yet another process made incredibly simple by the system. Firstly, find the Quick Links of section of the welcome page.

This small gathering of links holds all necessary resources needed for basic account management for the account.

Selecting the option “make a payment” under the quick links section will direct you to a page requesting information for the payment.

After entering the amount of the payment and payment method you will also be asked to select a date for the transaction to take place.

Lastly, the system will prompt you to submit the payment for review. After double checking the information provided for errors a simple click of the Submit button will finalize the payment.

A Hassle-Free Option

As the internet and online services become increasingly pervasive so does the simplicity of paying bills.

Auto-pay is becoming more and more common place in all of our lives and is one of the most simple methods of payment for most individuals.

This can be set up for the AE credit card visa via the aforementioned Quick Links section.

All that needs to be done is select “enroll in autopay” and set the amount you wish to pay as well as the monthly date of payment. See? Hassle-free.

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