EQ Bank Canada Review

The Best High Interest Savings Account?

When the huge banks are providing 0.6percent — 1.2percent interest charges in their”interest” savings account, with a number of them requiring minimal balances of $5,000, you truly have to wonder what other choices are around. After making the transfer for my daily banking into an online bank in the form of Tangerine,  I chose to take another step and start a savings account with an internet bank that always has among the maximum interest rates; over twice what the large 5 provide! In my study, EQ Bank is currently among the greatest high interest savings account in Canada using their 2.00% everyday high interest* savings rate, and also my best pick for short duration, secure economies!

In times of fiscal uncertainty, your savings accounts may be a lifeboat, so be certain that you are optimizing the earnings it gets you!

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Why the big banks fall behind

It is always great to be aware of what your alternatives are before making a determination. Let us look at exactly what the large banks are currently offering:

ScotiaBank0.65%Savings Accelerator Account
RBC0.65%High Interest eSavings
TD Bank0.50%High Interest TFSA Savings Account
on balances over $5,000
eAdvantage Savings Account
Bank of Montreal1.20%
only if you deposit $200 every month into your savings
Savings Builder Account
Tangerine0.70%Savings Account

As of March 10, 2020

However, if we examine what the favorite website www.highinterestsavings.ca, that monitors present alternatives for the very best savings interest charges, the huge banks are not even near to providing competitive prices to additional online just banks.

A great deal of folks do not feel comfortable registering for a lender they may have not heard about, so we’re likely to look at the one which always came up in my own study, and also the one which is consistently at or near the very top of economies interest prices. I made a decision to proceed with EQ Bank and its own 2.00% everyday high interest* rate!

EQ Bank – why I trust it

EQ Bank has been set in 2016, although two years is not a very long time to get a lender to be about, it can help to understand that EQ Bank is a brand of Equitable Bank, that has existed since 1970.

Equitable Bank is Currently a Part of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). All deposits held below Equitable Bank have been eligible for deposit insurance in CDIC into the highest of 100,000. This usually means that any money that you maintain within an EQ Bank accounts are guaranteed and secure (around $100,000).

And lots of users of this /r/personalfinancecanada subreddit swear from the EQ Bank Savings Plus Account too — and if you always ought to take advice from reddit using a grain of saltI’ve discovered that the Canadian private finance subreddit for a source of fantastic info and useful users.

Knowing all this caused me to feel at ease by making the leap into the online high interest savings accounts.

EQ Bank Perks: why I think it’s the best high interest savings account

Let Us get to the nitty gritty of Everything you Receive Using an EQ Bank Savings Plus Account, and also making it among the greatest high interest Savings accounts:

  • Everyday high interest rate* (2.00% as of March 10, 2020)
  • Zero minimum balance
  • No everyday banking fees
  • Unlimited free Interac e-Transfers®
  • Unlimited Bill payments
  • Up to 10 free linked accounts
  • Free Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Unlimited EQ to EQ Transfers
  • Free Day-to-day Transactions
  • Cheap international money transfers

This means, is it’s totally free to start up a high interest savings accounts, and also free to move funds between banks that are linked — so it’s possible to move your money in and out as you please, and also are not locked.


With All the Great this account Supplies, there are a Couple of minor Drawbacks:

  • EQ Bank doesn’t have Tax Free Savings Accounts, just unregistered accounts, therefore keep in mind your curiosity is deemed taxable income.
  • No ATM accessibility — you don’t obtain a bank cardso you may always need to move to a bank if you would like to get your cash. This should not be a issue, but it might take a couple of days to get your money. There’s also the quicker option of sending a free Interac e-Transfers® also!
  • Not available in Quebec

How to Sign up

Click here to sign up for an EQ Bank Savings Plus Account and follow the instructions below!

Fill out the form

Subscribe is a really straightforward procedure. Complete the online form (for example your SIN number is the easiest path, however there are additional choices if you are not familiar with this )

Verify your account by email

You’ll be delivered a 1 time passcode to login the first time. Check your email and then apply this code to confirm your account.

Connect an external bank account

By linking an external bank accounts, it makes it simple (and free) to move money between all your banks. I have attached to my Tangerine daily chequing accounts, and it’s worked great.

1. Go to the “Linked bank accounts” section:

2. Select “Link another bank account”:

3. Provide additional verification as needed from text message through your phone.

This Can Help ensure that someone is Not adding an Outside Accounts that you don’t want to be Connected:

4. Fill in the Transit number, Institution number, and account number for the external account you want to link.

This can be found on cheques you have:

4. Verify your account

You’ll receive 2 little amounts into the outside accounts you’re attempting to join. Assess your external accounts for the upcoming few times, and if they appear, log into your account and confirm the numbers.

How to add and transfer funds

As soon as you’ve connected to an outside accounts, it gets quite simple to move between your account.

Click on the Pay & Transfer button on the top menu of your home page:

Now choose your outside accounts from the”From” menu, along with your account from your”To” menu, and also the volume that you need to move. Click on”Transfer” and the entry will undergo.

On thing to notice is that transfers are not instantaneous. It is going to take a couple of business days to undergo, and that means you’ll have to be a bit patient.

You can use the Exact Same Procedure for transferring Cash from the EQ Savings Plus Accountback to Your Own Outside account.

And that is that!

Hopefully this can be great for anybody searching for a simple way to parking some brief term savings which you have, and also bringing in as much attention as possible on it!

*Interest is calculated daily on the entire final balance and paid monthly. Prices are per annum and subject to change without notice.


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