Credit Pulls Database

Wondering which Credit Bureau banks use to approve your credit application?

If you’re like anyone else repairing your credit, or someone who is precautions you’re going to love this tool. Many times when you apply for credit, banks can deny you for many reasons such as having negative items on your credit report. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get an idea of what credit score is required for a certain bank before you apply?

This tool stores data collected by multiple consumers who either got approved or denied a credit by huge credit issuers such as American Express, Chase, CapitalOne and more. This information is very accurate based on my experience. This tool works best with larger credit issuer’s, however, I have also had success with smaller Credit Unions that are local.

Why is this beneficial to you?

  • Avoid getting denied by a bank when you apply for a credit.
  • Get an idea of your potential credit lines based on other people’s credit scores.
  • View current up to date approvals.

What do you need to do?

Step 1:

Go to:


Step 2:

Simply type in the Creditor Name in the first field that you see below. In this example, we’re using “Chase“. Once you enter then name you can then click on the “Seach” button. You only need to enter in the Creditor Name to set started, all other options are optional.

Step 3:

After you click on search you will see the following results that display the Creditor, CRA (Credit Reporting Agency), Approval Status, Credit Score, Credit Limit, City, State, Zip, Date and Comments:



There you have it, this tool is amazing. It really puts you ahead of the curve. If you know of any other tools please let me know by commenting below. I hope you enjoy it!

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