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Nobody wants to be in debt, but with prices going up and salaries stagnant; loans have become one of the most reliable options to meet one’s needs and to tie him up until the next paycheck. In borrowing money comes the agreement that the amount must be paid back at a future date.

debtIn borrowing money comes the agreement that the amount must be paid back at a future date. However, when one fails to do so, the challenging task of collection is now upon the hands of the ic systems experts.

Collection agencies are like mushrooms sprouting everywhere. There are many companies out there such as Cavalry SPV I LLC who pay pennies on the dollar to purchase your debt. This is a sign that the number of people taking up loans is increasing and the percentage of them paying is getting kind of alarming.

When the due date comes, some suffer from moments of amnesia and often become magicians and perform disappearing acts especially when the bills come.

Patience, understanding and systematic techniques are attributes that IC Systems INC have in their boat which have brought them success in the field of chasing after defaulters.

Collectors are often seen as heartless and greedy monsters with nothing but the distinct goal of getting loans paid back and the first sight of them make people flee.

Every time the phone rings and each knock on the door send debtors to panic attacks and cold sweat especially when a legal action notice is served.

In the U.S., being in debt and even buried in more than one, is typical especially with a reported thirty million citizens having an amount due already assigned to a collection entity.

Debt collections are often the reason for numerous complaints filed at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Senior citizens comprise 33 percent of the total number of complainants.

It might be kind of difficult for people to see the positive side of why this company was created. For whatever reason that the founders claim to be noble, debtors will always dislike them and find them unsympathetic.

Nevertheless, despite knowing all these negative perceptions and guaranteed animosity, ic system inc has lasted for more than thirty years getting what clients deserve to get after services rendered.

The birth of ICS was witnessed last 1938, when the women of the Erickson family took it upon themselves to do what is right and make debtors responsible payers to what they borrowed from equally hard-working professionals who in good faith offered goods and performed services.

Such a challenging business advocacy has stood the test of an ever-changing financial environment and constantly changing consumer ethics.

The effectiveness of the collection processes applied in the retrieval of outstanding accounts have been proven to bring back results that clients expect.

This agency excels in third-party collections while continually improving and increasing their assistance in third-party collection and first-party operator-assisted support through ic systems phone number listed as an option.

Payables to dentists, doctors, hospitals and other healthcare-related entities can be assigned to IC. Collection is done with extreme care and consideration of the patient’s financial state.

Qualified counselors handle these arrears with the aid of call centers and payment plan options.

Where money abounds, so does debt. Banks of all types and credit card corporations result to the strategies of IC group when depositors and cardholders fail to pay. Educational institutions, commercial establishments and other forms of businesses find relief when they partner with the IC team.

Anyone interested about the procedures of the company can dial 1-800-279-9048 for inquiries and questions. The phone number for new and existing clients can call 1-800-685-0595 or simply call 1-800-443-4123 and you will be attended to quickly.

One can also get directions online on how to get to their office at St. Paul, MN 55164.

No business entity operates without criticisms, grievances and endless protests from those who are subject to their actions and pursuits. Despite complaints and harsh reviews, this company is dedicated to providing what is expected of them.

Although plenty, these charges and objections do not hinder the staff in writing letters, calling and filing charges regarding overdue accounts.

Those with monetary liabilities to the agency’s clients complain of being harassed with endless phone calls even during unholy hours. Some say that the amount declared is wrong and sometimes, untrue. Impolite representatives and wrong billing have also been experienced by some complainants.

Charges were filed by Tolzoh Katzburg against IC for “unfair and unconscionable” collection alleging that the company went against the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by sending his bill using an envelope that displayed more than just his name and address but other details of his account as well.

This violates the individual’s privacy.


Another legal action would be that of Elman Abramov versus IC Systems. Allegations of confusing and misleading written communication were filed against the agency.

The mentioned court cases are just examples that the public does have an avenue to address violations committed against them by collection agencies.

Erroneous credit reports by IC must be opposed by the consumer at the credit bureau. Take note that the agreement you sign with the credit bureau states that you cannot bring your case to a court of law.

Make sure you gather substantial proof for your case to hold water.

No need to panic if you get served with a letter informing you of a legal action taken against you by a debt-buyer.

Simply answer the charges, question their claims and demand for evidence that the unpaid amount belongs to you. Finally, show the court proof to dispute the charges.

The statute of limitations on cases filed against debtors can work both ways.

This is the allotted time determined by law for the collection agency to formally file a complaint against a debtor. This time is dependent on the laws of the state, city or country and it is affected by the nature of the demand.

Calls from debt-buyers are indeed stressful, however dialing the number means hope for the amassing of overdue accounts.

The dominating presence of ic systems in between creditors and debtors is representative of a solid foundation on business ethics and decent values. To still be running the race and chasing after unpaid loans is a virtue that is proven by remaining and growing through the years.

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