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The CWICO (Country Wide Insurance Company) was founded on December 23, 1963 in New York. Since April 15, 1964 it was approved for the acquisition of property and liability.

Over a period of twenty years across the country, it has grown from 35 employees to over 300.

It is allowed to write all lines of property damage insurance and works in a niche market consisting of the lower limit of private passenger commercial car business in the southern Region of the state of New York.

CWICO  provides property and casualty insurance services. The company offers private car and commercial vehicle insurance services.

Countrywide is a family business that primarily operated private passenger cars and commercial vehicles insurance for residents of New York City, Long Island and neighborhoods.

The majority of the business activity of the company consists of small policy limits, with only the minimum coverage.

This Insurance Company provides its car insurance services through hundreds of insurance agents that manage their diverse urban area and adjoining suburbs.

They provide many benefits the add value to their customers.

The term Country Wide is due to its countrywide presence within the United States. Guaranteeing the name of insurance company is very important to them.

You can manage your policy and access it from anywhere using the Policy Management Portal. Some of the services that are accessible through the portal include  paying your premium, downloading documents, and modifying the details of your policies.

You can easily create an account, sign up, pay your bills, and make a claim from the website.

How To Make a CWICO Payment

 Step 1 – To pay your bill, go to their website. On the top right corner you will see a button “Make a Payment”. Click on ‘Make a payment’.

Step 2 – On the next page you will be asked to provide your policy number. Give your policy number in the ‘policy number’ box then press the ‘Submit’ button. Then you can easily make your payment through the site.

Step 3 – In case you need any help to find your CWICO policy number click on the ‘Policy Number’ right under the submit button.

How to Login

Step 1 – To login to your account visit www cwico com. Click on ‘Log In’ from the My Account menu.

Step 2 – You will then reach to this page. Put your Username and password and press ‘login’.  You can manage your account, view your policy and file a claim from here.

Forgot Password or login

 Step 1 – If you forgot your CWICO login and password details, you can retrieve it through their website. From the My account menu click on ‘Forgot login’.

Step 2 – On the next page put your policy number or email address and press ‘Submit’ button.

Step 3 – For retrieving the password, from the My account menu click on ‘Forgot password’.

Step 4 – On the next page put your Logon Name, policy number or email address and press ‘Submit’ button.

CWICO Payment Options:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a payment option that subtracts your regular payments from your current account.
  2. Debit card.
  3. Credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

Through their automatic bill pay plan you may schedule all the payments for an entire year. The payments are automatically charged to your credit card or debit card.

Benefits of automatic payment plan without worries:

  • No need to remember to pay
  • No calls and no checks or postage needed to make your payments.
  • No unnecessary fees
  • Your payment is always made on time!

They also have a mobile app solution. You can easily install the app on your iPhone or Android phone. The app is user friendly. You can download it from App Store or Google Play Store.

Once logged in, you can request to pay your premium, download documents, view your policies, and make a claim from your mobile.

Online payment: Pay your insurance bill by check, direct debit or credit card.

Telephone payment: To pay by phone, please contact them at 866-775-0155.

Mail: Send your check by following instructions provided by CWICO. Use the envelope with your address that they included with your invoice. Please remember to include your policy number on the check or inside the envelope.

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