CitiMortgage Log In

Step 1 – Go to: and insert your user name and password, and then click on the “Sign In Securely” button.

Step 2 – The easy online portal will give you the option to check your account and account status. You can also pay your bill through your online account.

Forgot Password or User Name

Step 1 – If you forget your password or user name you can retrieve it following these steps. On the home page click on the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot password” button, depending on which you forgot.

Step 2 –  You will be taken to a new page. On the new page, provide your email address and click “Continue.”

Setting Up CitiMortgage Online Access

 Step 1 – If you don’t have online access, go to the home page and click on the “Enroll Now” button to start the online access process.

Step 2 – After clicking the “Enroll Now” button, a new screen will pop up. Input the requested information and press the “Continue” button.

Application Status

Citibank requires an application fee. In order to apply for the card, you must pay a fee.

Step 1 – You can check your application status online. To do so, go to the main page and select “Check Application Status.” A new pop-up window will open; select the “Check Application Status”’ button.

Step 2 – Another new window will open, and you will have to insert all your login information to check your application status. is the best place to go to if you’re looking for information about mortgage bills.

Pay Citimortgage bills online

Through the online account, you can pay with your bank or debit card and have it deducted from your account within seconds. Follow these steps to pay your bill within minutes.

  1. Browse to citimortgage login.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password
  3. One you have access to your account, go to the pay mortgage section.
  4. Enter the amount and the method of payment.
  5. Confirm the details you have provided.
  6. Once you have submitted, press “submit.”

It is that easy and stress-free!

CitiMortgage is a Subsidiary of Citi Bank, the third largest bank in the U.S., that deals with Mortgages. All the credits offered by the company originate from Citi Bank.

When customers opt for any Citi loan, they may choose between the fixed and flexible loan rates.

Any Payment that is done to Citibank should be made prior the due date to avoid late fees and maintain a clean credit score.

Citimortgage has established itself as home loaning company. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or a simple cabin, this lendor is the best way to fund your purchase.

Bill payment by mail

This institution also accepts check sent through the mail. The method of payment is slow, and you have to make the payment before the due date. It is recommended to use a special delivery is recommended as you will receive a receipt once it is delivered. However, always confirm your payment by calling Customer service number 1-800-283-7918.

Use the following address:

Street PO Box 689196

Zipcode: 50368-9196

The overnight address is 

121stStreet   4740

Urbandale, IA 50323-2402

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