How To Make A iCuracao Payment:


If you’re having trouble logging into your iCuracao account, you’re not alone. It can be tricky, like the ezcardinfo credit card login. Here are the steps to take:

Step 1 – Visit: From the top right menu bar click on ‘Pay My Bill’.

Step 2 –  Put your Use ID or User name and Password. Then click on ‘Log into My Account’ button.

Curacao Online Bill Pay

By 2007, Curacao had saved ten places in the Southwest of the United States, with nine stores in California and two in Arizona.

They are among the top 50 electronics and distributors in the United States. In the years since its revival after the 1992 riots, the company has expanded several times, creating new markets, new warehouses, and new services by becoming a trusted name within the market.

The company has plans of expanding to new markets and new cities in order to provide more communities with access to their high quality products and services.

The local Latino population is more than just a market for Curacao, it is a community of which they are a part of. The organization is an active member within the Hispanic communities around the country.

When you access your account online, you can do the following functions:

  • Pay your bill online.
  • Change your home address and / or billing.
  • Change your e-mail address.
  • Change Password.
  • Statement printing.
  • Export data to a PDF file.


How is interest calculated?

Cyclic interest of your account is represented by multiplying the average daily balance during the billing period with the monthly periodic rate displayed in your monthly cyclic.

The annual rate is also stated in its periodic monthly statement and the monthly periodic rate is equivalent to the resultant annual rate dividing by 12.

The interest rates from the time of the operation will be added to your daily balance. Transactions consist of purchases, interest charge and fees. They continue to increase the interest charges until full payment of the total amount is paid.


You can pay by phone at 1-877-287-2226.

You are able to make a payment to any of their store during operating hours. To search for the closest store, use their store locator.

Your payment can be made by mail to Curacao
1605 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 805
Los Angeles, CA 90016.

Or you can pay online by following the above mentioned step.

How do I contact customer service?
For more information about ADIR’s financial services, including questions related to your online account or online payment, call 1-877-287-2226 or send email to

For more information about your account unrelated online access, please call 1-877-287-2226 or email Enter your full name and the billing address when you call the customer service.

Opening hours:
10am to 7pm, PST, every day.

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