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Pizza Hut is well known for its pizza and pasta dishes and for it’s desserts. It’s an American chain of restaurants and a worldwide franchise.

The restaurant chain, which is a part of Yum! Brands, Inc. has more than 15,000 restaurants worldwide.

At this restaurant they don’t just make pizzas. They make people’s days. It is based on the belief that people’s pizza night should be something special. The company carries that belief into everything they do.

They try to make their food special through the experience, novelty and above all by using the potential of their team members.

The restaurant has over 55 years of experience, so they know how to provide great service and keep their customers satisfied. Instead of following the trends they set the trends. They serve delicious food that makes every employee and the company’s management proud.

These are the people who delivered Pizza to the White House for the first time. They have sent a pizza into outer space. They conquered social networks by storm. Their ordering application was advertised in a commercial of iPhone.

The restaurant invites it’s valued customer to express their feelings and comments about their experience. The feedback will help the company to make the service better for every customer.

If you ate at their restaurant recently, you can take part in their online survey and express your opinion on their services and their food.

The assessment includes several questions of your experience in their restaurant, as well as your overall assessment of the quickness of the service and excellence of food, friendliness of their employees, atmosphere and comfort, cleanliness, any kind complaints you have or problems you have faced.

As a sign of appreciation, they will give you a chance to participate in a sweepstakes program, where you can win $1,000 a day and instant prizes of $1,500.

If you have internet access, you can take the questionnaire from any part of the country from your mobile, desktop or tablet.

Participation Eligibility

To take the assessment you must be a legal resident of USA, your age should be 18 or above and you need to have a  code.

Just take the assessment and follow the instructions below. You will receive your confirmation for the sweepstakes a few minutes later.

How to take the Pizza Hut survey:

Step 1 – To begin visit their webpage. Click on ‘Begin In English’ to start the assessment in English language. Otherwise, click ‘Empieze En Español’ to take the assessment in Spanish.

Step 2 – Now put your code in the required field or put the store number you got on your receipt from your last purchase. Click on the ‘Enter’ button after filling out the information.

Step 3 – On the next page put the date and time of your visit and click on ‘Enter’.

Step 4 – Now they will ask you some general questions about their food and service. Just answer the questions to complete the questionnaire.

Step 5 – Fill out the information and click enter to finish.

After completing the questionnaire you will eligible to win their sweepstakes.

You can have a visit on their website for any help or information.

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