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Kroger Satisfaction Survey

The company is dedicated to providing brilliant services that meet customer needs. To do so, they have established an online portal through which customers can comment about their experience at a particular location. To participate in a Kroger satisfaction questionnaire, you need to visit the www.krogerfeedback.com survey portal.

The benefit of participating in kroegerfeedback is that there are many rewards available.

First, customers are eligible to earn $100 reward gift cards. Also as a way of rewarding the customers who participate in Kroger fuel points, they have a grand prize of a $5ooo gift card. The grand prize is paid to one customer every month, while the $100 award is given weekly.

Kroger Fuel Points survey

Any customer who has shopped at any of their locations within the past seven days is eligible to participate.  Whether you want to gain gasoline points, Kroger feedback 50 points, Coupons or other rewards, go to the www krogerfeedback com portal. If you are having troubles accessing or submitting your information, follow this detailed walkthrough to guide you through completing satisfaction survey process.

Step 1 – Make sure you have a receipt from any of the stores you visited at hand. In a new tab, visit krogerfeedback.com.

Kroger is the largest chain supermarket in the US. Since the establishment in 1883, Krogers has opened over 3000 superstores in 14 states. They have 2,778 grocery superstore locations, 1,400 fuel stores,  2,230 food and drug stores,  and 323 jewelry and fashion retail stores all which provide high-quality service at an affordable price.

If you are a customer at any of their supermarket outlets, you are eligible to fill out a questionnaire, win rewards on Kroger Feedback fuel points and receive coupons which can be used the next time you visit any of their stores.

Once you have provided your answers, you can enroll for the sweepstakes rewards. All you are required to do is to provide the necessary personal details in the appropriate fields. If you have any other questions you may seek for assistance from the support team.

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