How to Complete Logan’s Roadhouse Survey

A survey is one of the tools that you can use to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Any business should prompt their customers’ to  express their feelings, comments, and suggestions through an online questionnaire.

As a customer, your participation in these questionnaires assists the company in understanding how they can improve their services and products.

Logans Roadshow is a restaurant that is dedicated to pleasing their customers by providing them with good service.

By visiting www loganslistens com you can leave the company comments and suggestions about their services.

Customers who have participated in the questionnaire know that it’s a short process with easy questions. it’s a simple online assessment, with great questions!

Logans Roadshow Overview

The chain restaurant which is headquartered in Lexington Kentucky  was introduced in 1991. Over the years, they have opened over 200 locations where you can enjoy their vintage decor and a relaxing environment.

What makes a Logans Restaurant legendary among their customers is their buckets of in-shell peanuts placed at the center of every table.

Other offerings you can enjoy are grilled meat, seafood, American Fare, ice-cold beers and more. If you like quick-serve foods such as french fries, you can find them at Logan’s restaurant. To learn more about their services and nutritional details, visit their official web page.

Requirements to take Survey

You don’t have to register for an account to complete the questionnaire. Only a few things are required.

In order to participate you should have:

  • A secure internet connection and a mobile device or a computer/PC.
  • A receipt from your recent visit to their restaurant.
  • Speak Spanish or English.

With only three minutes of your time, you can win a free coupon redeemable on your next visit. You can do it all from the comfort of your home!

When you take the assessment you will receive a validation code which you can use on your next visit.

How To Complete the Questionnaire

Step 1 – Using a secure browser, go to www loganslistens com . Click here to get directed to their official page.

Step 2 – Enter the serial number printed on your receipt and press the start button.

Step 3 – Take a few minutes of your time to answer the questions displayed. Remember to provide honest answers.

Step 4 – Once you are done completing the assessment, you will get a validation code which you can write on your receipt and take the next time you visit the restaurant.

Provide feedback on Logan’s Listens and get a free coupon!

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