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With sales over $91 billion in 2013, the company is the third-largest private company in Georgia.

The company was established by Mr. Carl Bolch in 1934 in St. Louis, Missouri.

In 1959 Bolch moved and acquired an Oil Company named Opp, Alabama, composed of many independent outlets throughout rural Alabama.

They now operate more than 650 retail petrol stores in 12 states under the name Racetrac and Raceway.

Most RaceTracs have 20 to 24 petrol stations and convenience stores sized over 5,000 square feet, offering more than 4,000 products.

The company has a customer satisfaction survey which is crucial to the growth of the success and growth of the company. They use the answers obtained from the questionnaire to improve each store in order to satisfy their customers.

If you’ve visited a RaceTrac recently, you’re eligible to participate in the customer experience assessment. Through this assessment you will be asked to provide comments and feedback about your visit, the service received, and the atmosphere of the store.

In exchange for taking the time to complete the assessment, you will be given the chance to win some of their prizes.

Eligibility to take the survey:

  • Be a legal resident of USA.
  • Be of age 18 or above.
  • Have a purchase receipt from their shop.

How to take the RaceTrac Survey

Step 1 – To complete the questionnaire go to their website. Click on the ‘Next’ button from the homepage.

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